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'''MicroProse''' was a U.S. video game publisher and video game developer|developer, founded in the United States by Bill Stealey|"Wild" Bill Stealey and Sid Meier in 1982 in video gaming|1982 as '''MicroProse Software Inc.''' It developed and published numerous games, many of which are regarded as groundbreaking, classics and cult titles, including starting the ''Civilization (series)|Civilization'' and ''X-COM'' series. Most of their internally developed titles were vehicle simulation game|vehicle simulation and strategy video game|strategy games. In 1993, the company lost most of their UK-based personnel and became a subsidiary of Spectrum HoloByte. Subsequent cuts and corporate policies led to Sid Meier, Jeff Briggs and Brian Reynolds (game designer)|Brian Reynolds leaving and forming Firaxis Games in 1996, as MicroProse closed its ex-Simtex development studio in Austin,...
Location cityHunt Valley, Maryland|Hunt Valley (MicroProse)
Alameda, California|Alameda (MicroProse Systems)
Key peopleSid Meier and Bill Stealey (co-founders)
Jeff Briggs, Andy Hollis, Brian Reynolds (game designer)|Brian Reynolds, Sandy Petersen, Geoff Crammond (designers)
IndustryVideo game industry
ProductsVideo games, consumer electronics
Revenue| net_income =
Owner| num_employees =
ParentSpectrum HoloByte
Hasbro Interactive
Interactive Game Group
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